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02/02/09 12:29 PM #3    

Linda Schutz (Smith)

Happy Valentines Day to all,

03/08/09 11:22 PM #4    

Richard Patrocinio

looks like everything is starting to roll,nice job. Have to see what I get from Germany.

05/25/09 07:31 PM #5    


Dennis Rogers

Patricia Breault. your doing one Great job getting us back as one. I missed all the others but will not miss the reunion in Oct. I have already booked our room. now if I can just get a good airline ticket,(lol) Mahalo Nui again and see you and the other soon.

05/29/09 09:37 PM #6    

Patricia Breault

Hi there classmates!
The registration form for the reunion will be posted very soon so stay tuned.......


05/29/09 10:03 PM #7    

Scott Harris

whats up class 1977 has it been 32 years can't wait to see all of you at the reunion. The short story is I live in las vegas now and have 20month old twins liam harding harris and sean harding harris liam has blonde hair and blue eyes and sean has brown hair brown eyes. so I'm a late bloomer. You guys can e-mail me at till then aloha scott

06/03/11 05:48 PM #8    


Dennis Rogers


10/13/11 12:27 PM #9    

Susan Dibble (Syarto)

I would love to have it in Sept.  I think it sounds like fun.  Thanks Pat

06/10/12 02:25 PM #10    


Dennis Rogers

See you in Oct, Hope for a great turn out.

08/03/12 01:26 PM #11    


Dennis Rogers

sad Found out will not make reunion , it's a new fiscal year for the Govt. and my wife is the only one in her office. will miss you guys, Aloha


08/14/12 05:39 PM #12    


Shirlene Montgomery (Whittington)

Hello fellow classmates,


Pat has done a great job in putting together a wonderful 35th reunion for us all.  If it was not for her all these years there would have never been reunions.  Lets see if we can have a big turnout this time.



10/25/12 04:27 PM #13    


Iris Linogon (Kikuchi)

Pictures are posted on my profile from the get together at Rori's home on Oct 6, 2012.

12/17/15 04:13 AM #14    


L. Kehaulani Canne

Aloha Classmates! 

Happiest of Holidays to you and your ohana!


Kehau  aka LeeAnn K. Canne smiley

09/15/16 02:55 AM #15    

Ellie Dungca

Reunion and 40 years! I wish everyone a great time.

Eliseo (Ellie) Dungca

05/18/17 08:17 AM #16    


Gene Scriven

OK, Folks. It's great to catch up with all my Radford friends online. However, nothing beats getting together face-to-face...and that's exactly what our upcoming reunion (Class of '77 in Vegas in early September) is all about.

If you're like me, and you plan to attend but haven't signed up yet; please sign up ASAP. I've been messaging Iris Linogon Kikuchi (who is kind enough to arrange our reunion), and as of now, there are only about 40 people signed up. We had a huge class, so please help get the word out to anyone who hasn't RSVPd yet, or who might not know about the reunion.

Our 40th Reunion will only happen once, so let's not miss the opportunity to get all the Rams back together (friends from several other classes, 1975-1980 are also invited to attend), and have a great weekend in Vegas...catching up and remembering old times (while we still can).

See Iris Linogon Kikuchi's posts in the Radford and Radford '77 groups on Facebook for more info and to know how to respond. If nothing else, post a question here and I’m sure you’ll get all the info you need about the Reunion.

Looking forward to catching up with everyone in September!



05/22/17 02:26 PM #17    


Melinda Frizzell

I never thought it would be possible to attend a class reunion since I graduated in Hawaii! Iris has made my dream come true. My best friend lived in Hawaii over 11 years and she graduated from Moanalua. We knew each other through Pearl Harbor Baptist Church.

I have bought my plane tickets, made reservations at the hotel and am planning to send Iris a check tomorrow. I plan on using UBER once I am there to attend the Caribbean Coctail Party at Bahama Breeze! Then on Saturday, we will be chauffered to the Dinner Buffet at Flamingo Banquet Hall.

There is going to be so much fun! It's VEGAS! I've never been but I've seen movies.....


06/26/17 06:08 PM #18    


Iris Linogon (Kikuchi)

Aloha RHS Class of 77 classmates!

40th Reunion registrations are coming in fast and furious!!! For those that can't make sorry, altho the rest of you... are you coming??? snooze you loose!!! lol... can't wait to catch up with y'all real soon!!!

08/09/17 09:44 PM #19    


Amy Jussel

Huge mahalo to Iris and Pat for keeping the extended ohana and aloha going both on the mainland and in the islands for class of '77. I know how laborious it is to research and produce an event like this, (which is why I flamed out fast after the 10th and 20th I think!) so am eager to see fresh faces for the 40th and catch up on a coupla decades... Just booked my flight and see that we're now at the Westin for Sat. night so am hubbing there too. Looking forward to reflecting on hugs and happiness from a simpler time...See you soon! :) --Amy J.

08/10/17 05:28 AM #20    


Iris Linogon (Kikuchi)

Aloha Classmates,

Note: only 8 more days to register for the 40th class reunion!!! DEADLINE is Friday August 18, 2017...

Hope to see you in Vegas!!!

08/10/17 06:34 AM #21    

Patricia Breault

Hey Amy,

I, too, stepped out of the reunion planning. This time, it was Iris who put in all the hours. Glad you are coming, looking forward to seeing you.


08/10/17 08:45 AM #22    


Iris Linogon (Kikuchi)

so I did my turn.. who's NEXT??? lol.. :-)

10/11/17 12:11 PM #23    


James Saupan

Aloha all! Been away from the site for years. Currently I'm Hawaii visiting my family in Aliamanu. Celebrated my 58th birthday with them! Drove by Radford the other day and saw the sign about recent Reunion in September. Dang, missed. Hopefully the next.
Take care.

10/12/17 09:24 AM #24    


Iris Linogon (Kikuchi)

Aloha James!

Great that you are updating your info... 40th Reunion was a BLAST! Everyone had a GREAT time and looking forward to the next one, 45th or 50th!?

Anyway, keep in touch!  Aloha!

02/01/19 05:27 PM #25    


Monica Penic (Rosenthal)

Aloha! I was only at Radford for the 1st year then my family left Hickam AFB. Anyway, I see there is a 60th Birthday celebration in the works. I will try to make that, but in the meantime, I am returning to Ohau/Walkiki/Ewa Beach the first week of March, 2-9, 2019. Would love to connect with friends if at all possible. Sharon, Iris, LeeAnn, Melisa, Rorie, and others

02/05/19 11:34 AM #26    


L. Kehaulani Canne

Aloha Monica!  Wish I was there...would love to see you again but I am still on the East Coast!


A hui hou,


L. Kehaulani Canne

04/28/19 11:50 AM #27    


Iris Linogon (Kikuchi)

Aloha 77 Classmates!

Time is flying by and only 1 month until we meet for our 60th birthday reunion!!! Remember to register under the reunion event tab so we know you are coming! Come join us for a great time to hang loose🤙 and catch up with classmates from RHS... see you all there real soon!


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